June 27, 2007

Tellabs Roundup

The Tellabs decision has been the subject of considerable media and blog commentary.

Legal Times: High Court Raises the Bar for Investors Alleging Securities Fraud

WSJ Law Blog: Tellabs - Securities Lawyers React

WSJ Law Blog: Supremes Deliver Another Blow to Plaintiffs Securities Bar

WSJ Law Blog: Scalia and Stevens Battle Over Statutory Interpretation

Washington Post: Pro-Business Decision Hews To Pattern of Roberts Court

Washington Post: Strict Standard Set On Investor Suits

NYT: Investors' Suits Face Higher Bar, Justices Rule

Bloomberg: Top U.S. Court Tightens Limits on Shareholder Suits

CNN Money.com/Legal Pad With Roger Parloff Blog: Supreme Court Deals Blow to Securities Class Actions, 8-1

SEC Actions Blog: The Supreme Court Strikes a Balance Regarding Requirements In Securities Damage Actions

The D&O Diary: Supreme Court Issues Tellabs Opinion

CFO.com: Shareholder Lawsuit Ruling a Boon?

SCOTUSBlog: A Lingering Thought on Tellabs

Securities Law Prof Blog: Tellabs v. Makor Issues & Rights

Sixth Circuit Blog: Tellabs Defines "Strong Inference" for Pleading Securities Fraud Under the PSLRA -- It Could Have Been Much Worse!

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