September 11, 2003

The Enron Watch VI

The guilty plea of Enron's former treasurer, Ben Glisan, will help the plaintiffs in the pending securities class action against the company. According to a Reuters article, Glisan "admitted that he and others 'engaged in a conspiracy to manipulate artificially Enron's financial statements' in a secretive transaction called Talon, designed to hide debt." Glisan is set to begin his 5-year sentence for wire and stock fraud conspiracy immediately.

Quote of note: "The admission can stand as evidence in a civil court that Glisan, and Enron, engaged in fraud, freeing plaintiffs from having to prove that allegation. 'It may not make it a slam dunk, but it certainly is moving the ball right up to the hoop,' said Neil Getnick, whose Manhattan law firm Getnick & Getnick specializes in business ethics and anti-fraud litigation."

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