July 3, 2003

WSJ Profiles Judge Pollack

In the wake of his recent opinions, Judge Pollack of the S.D.N.Y. is profiled in today's Wall Street Journal (suscrip. required).

Quote of note: "Judge Pollack was just as brassy in his days as a plaintiffs' lawyer, said Michael Mukasey, chief judge of the Southern District where Judge Pollack sits. As Judge Mukasey tells the story, one day when taking a deposition from Spyros Skouras, then head of the 20th Century Fox movie studio, in Mr. Skouras's wood- paneled office, Mr. Pollack calmly selected a cigar from a humidor, bit off the end and lit up. Visibly reddening, Mr. Skouras said: 'Mr. Pollack, I don't remember offering you a cigar.' Mr. Pollack replied, 'Those aren't your cigars, those are the stockholders' cigars.'"

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