July 30, 2003

"Biggest Hog At The Trough"

The Bristol Herald Courier has an article today on the lead plaintiff contest in the King Pharmaceuticals securities class action in the E.D. of Tenn. (Thanks to the SW Virginia Law Blog for the link.) The case is based on allegedly misleading financial statements made by the company.

At least two groups of pensions funds, as well as some individual investors who were shareholders in a company King Pharmaceuticals acquired, have moved for lead plaintiff status. U.S. Magistrate Judge Dennis Inman presided over the hearing.

Quote of note: "Inman said federal law favors the appointment of the stockholder who lost the most money. 'I'd like to know who is the biggest hog at the trough,' Inman said. That question prompted a lively debate among the dozen-plus lawyers, all of whom had a reason that their client should get the nod."

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